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Mon. Oct 15th 2018
OCTOBER – Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated...
Mon. Jul 16th 2018
TRAINING- The National Fire Protection Association is a global nonprofit organization, established in 1896, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property, and economic loss due to fire, electrical an...
Mon. Jul 16th 2018
JACKSON COUNTY 911 - Emergency response has existed in Jackson County for nearly 72 years, and has evolved substantially since the initial founding. In the 1970's during the early years, dispatch ...
Wed. Jul 11th 2018
By Ashley Davis PIO SIGNS - The roads of Jackson County are distinctively marked with green signs indicating road names. From Meathouse Fork Road, in Ravenswood to Pickle Bean Ridge Road, in Evans...
Wed. May 9th 2018
TRAINING – An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in harming or attempting to harm the public in a populated area. Recent active shooter incidents have underscored the need for a co...
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M.B. Boggess

Administrative Assistant
K. J. Skeens


Communications Supervisor
A. Bibbee

Terminal Agency Coordinator
D. Crawford

Communications Training Officer

D. Crawford



A. Bibbee

D. Crawford

T. Lanham
C. Walters
K. White
A. Young
D. Santiago
F. Lanham
K. Hesson
T. Wendell


Probationary Telecommunicator(s)


Jackson County Office of Emergency Services, Emergency Management
W. Smittle III

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